1. Members must provide a valid membership number and email address on file with Sonography Canada. (ARDMS numbers do not qualify).
  2. Members must view the entire video uninterrupted and click on “Confirm & Exit” immediately upon completion. * The time recorded from viewers must coordinate with the video length +/- 10%. Sonography Canada reserves the right to monitor the member’s video usage for the purpose of confirming this requirement.
  3. It is the responsibility of the member to fulfil the requirements as listed above. Due to current system limitations, Sonography Canada is unable to notify members if they fail to fulfil all requirements.
  4. Failure to meet any of the above requirements will result in the Member not receiving CME credit for the video.
  5. Certificates will be sent to email addresses provided in the membership database and CME credits will automatically be updated in your file by the end of each month.