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Mullen Group Ltd.

Mullen Group Ltd. is a company that owns a network of independently operated businesses. Mullen Group Ltd. is recognized as one of the leading suppliers of trucking and logistics services in Canada and provides a wide range of specialized transportation and related services to the oil and natural gas industry in western Canada - two sectors of the economy in which Mullen Group has strong business relationships and industry leadership.

The business of Mullen Group Ltd. is operated through the independently operating businesses, which are divided into two distinct operating segments for reporting purposes - Trucking/Logistics and Oilfield Services. The segments are differentiated by the type of service provided, equipment requirements and customer needs. Mullen Group's Corporate Office provides the capital and financial expertise, legal support, technology and systems support, shared services and strategic planning for the independent businesses.

Mullen Group Ltd. is a publicly traded corporation listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "MTL". Additional information is available on Mullen Group's website at www.mullen-group.com or on SEDAR at www.sedar.com.