Webcast Support

If you are having difficulty with this webcast, please see the topics below to aid in troubleshooting the issues you may be experiencing.

You may also wish to test your computer to make sure your computer is fully capable of playing a webcast. Please click the "Test Your System" button.

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Browsers and Plugins

Depending on your device's setup, you may need to update your web browser and/or the required plugins in order to allow the webcast to play properly.

For PCs running Windows or Macintosh:

Microsoft Windows Based Computers (XP, Vista, 7)

Apple Macintosh OS X

Required PC Plugins

In order for the Audio or Video to play properly, we recommend installing the most updated versions of the supported Plugins, listed below.

Please Note: Windows Media Player support is only available on Windows Desktop Operating Systems

Plugins for Windows-Based Web Browsers:

Plugins for Apple Macintosh-Based Web Browsers:

Supported Phones and Tablets:

The Mediaframe is supported on most mobile devices when opened in a compatible browser. Please see below for minimum recommended phone and browser versions.

Android Phone and Tablet Devices - 2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher with the following recommended browsers:

Apple iPhone and IPad - iOS 6 or higher with the following recommended browsers:

Windows Phone - Version 7 or newer